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Chef Stephen Stromberg

Chef Stephen Stromberg

social media management for restaurants

Having worked in a restaurant for 4 years, I became passionate about the people, the food, the atmosphere and the dedication it takes to run a successful restaurant. I wanted more and I wanted to shine a light on the people and the food I was so invested in seeing flourish. When I run social media for a restaurant, none of the posts are automated, nothing is done without an honest care and passion for success. All photography is done by myself, and I work closely with the restaurant Chefs, Owners and Managers to hone in on the needs and the overall voice. Each restaurant is unique as is each photo we take for you. Now let's get to the good stuff.

We custom tailor responsibilities and tasks to each restaurants needs and overall plan for growth. Our bullet point agenda however is the same. Here is one example:

  • Provide outstanding and consistent visual content with strong brand awareness on all social media platforms.

  • A consistent, attractive, up-to-date social media presence.

  • Build stronger relationships with your current customers & community.

  • Create, curate & manage all published content (visual & written) on your Instagram and Facebook account.

what we do

  • We are not your standard "picture and post" social media company. We scheduled content shoots weekly and use only high quality dslr images. No iPhone photos allowed.

  • Being that we are a small business, we handpick our social media clients. These are places we eat at, we love, we tell our friends about. We actually care how your business is doing and we want to help you be fully booked on a Tuesday night.

  • Build your followers organically. No bots. These are real people, real customers following, commenting and liking your posts.

  • Generate custom content. Everything we do for you, is customized to YOU. We take your voice and post copy just as you would.

  • Our radar is always on. We respond to every message and DM for you.

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